3M – Motivation, Mastering, Maintaining

The 3M- In sports and/or in life, there is a set rule with learning a new skill. There must be a reason to learn a new skill, in turn it will ignite the inner fire of oneself, motivating oneself to learn the new skill. It then leads to a mastering phase and into the maintenance phase. Every skill learned/acquired must go through this phase and it is only going through the completion of the 3M phase then the skill is considered mastered.


  1. Identify the skill you want to learn
    1. Say “I want to learn basketball”
  2. Find the one particular skill you want to focus on first
    1. Say you picked “dribbling”
  3. Watch a few videos to see how to dribble a ball
    1. This is to give yourself a reference point
  4. Test your skill and see where  you are at
  5. Break down the dribbling skill to its simplest form
    1. Say if you haven’t dribbled before…
      1. 1st phase – bounce the ball 5 – 10 times (dominant hand – maybe just flapping the hand) to get an idea
      2. 2nd phase – remove the ball and learn the arm motion of bouncing a ball (flexing the arm)
      3. 3rd phase – add the ball back and do adjustment on (trials – bounces)
    2. This is the simplest form of breaking down a skill and obviously there are more to skill deconstruction and depending on skills and the circumstances of the situation.

The one thing should take note on is…

  1. breaking down a skill requires a thorough analysis of a situation. If the break down is not good, it will affect the learning experience.

In the above video, Tim Ferriss demonstrates how to master a skill by deconstructing it. This is one of the most fundamental and yet most effective way to learn and master a skill.

Josh Kaufman reveals a new approach for acquiring new skills quickly with just a small amount of practice each day.

Josh Kaufman’s The first 20 hour rule – how to learn anything in 20 hours. A great video on learning a new skill.

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