Getting a China Visa for work

The short reply to can I secure a Chinese visa Hong Kong is yes, one can. The Chinese Government seems to have sowed some seeds of confusion with its own banning of Chinese visa issuing in Hong Kong for those who however Hong Kong residents. Instead, you are likely to apply for a German visa from the Chinese embassy in your house country, However, while this remains the official rule, then you will always have the ability to contact a tourist visa for China in Hong Kong.

You can acquire double and single entry Chinese visas in Hong Kong. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Hong Kong will just issue visas to Hong Kong residents, and while most folks find that they are ready to break up this rule they are able to make life difficult using paper work. Somewhat cheaper, but much simpler is using a local excursion broker – especially, the quasi-government – conduct Yazhou Travel. You wo not be in a position to make an application for some multi-entry visa at hongkong until you’re a permanent Hong Kong resident. For many lenders, it is now increasingly important that you have your hong-kong arrival form issued in hongkong immigration,

Remember, in the event that you only need a glance at China, a few nationalities can get an immediately Shenzhen Visa special for this city on the Hong Kong edge. It’s valid for five days, although it features a range of restrictions.

The advice on this page would be valid for nationals of the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Canada and the European Union.

UPDATED JUNE 16 – Visitors are suggested to use tour agencies such as Yazhou Travel because of continuing complexities in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Tour agencies are now ready to question business visas to people that have an invitation from a company in China.

UPDATED JUNE 1-5 – The consular office is simply issuing visas to those who are visiting China for your very first or second time.

You may want your Hong Kong immigration slip issued arrival in Hong Kong. Yazhou Travel Services Limited continues to be processing all applicants.

UPDATED June 14 – No significant updates

UPDATED JUNE 1-3 – Filipino and Indian citizens have been reporting they can more acquire a Shenzhen visa at the border.

UPDATED JUNE 1-2 – Japanese and Singapore citizens are now able to access China visa-free.

UPDATED JUNE 1-1 – No important upgrades

UPDATED JUNE 10 – The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs still states on its web site which burglars are ‘advised’ to submit an application for Chinese visas within their home states. The Ministry is issuing single and double entry lenders without a extra charge or inconvenience. The advice has likely been left on the website in case the Chinese government should suddenly discontinue issuing visas yet more (as with the Olympics). To repeat, there’s no problem obtaining a single or double entry visa in Hong Kong from the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

UPDATED JUNE 09 – hong kong has introduced the Guangdong Group Visa, allowing classes of three to visit the Guangdong Province to get up to six weeks. A number of restrictions apply.

Where Can I Get a Chinese Visa in Hong Kong?
The primary issuing bodies at Hong Kong would be the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a government body, and Yazhou Travel Service Limited, also a quasi-state travel agent.

The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs offers cheaper prices but Yazhou Travel Service Limited offers full service, walking you through what’s needed detail by detail. As of 20-16, non-Hong Kong residents have been advised to work with a tour bureau.

How much Does A Chinese Visa at hongkong Cost?
Prices rely on both the nationality and the speed you require. Take a look at our full How much Does a Chinese Visa Price in hongkong article to get a blow by blow account of the prices.

How about urgent applications?

Yazhou Travel Service Limited also provides same day China visa Hong Kong if you were to apply in Hong Kong. Simply fill in the form, then the specialists will handle the rest.

How is EFL Teaching perceived in Korea?

” Apart from their history, Korea has a lot to boast about. Of all the nations, Korea is one country that possesses an abundance of natural deposits. Most significantly, it is their technically experienced individuals that have included a lot of wealth to the ever-growing Korean economy.

More than people, it is the diversity of Korea that makes EFL Teaching tasks all the more reputable. One on hand, Korea boasts of cities like Seoul and Pusan, whereas on the other hand you would note towns like Taedon and so on.

If as a teacher, you desire to be in the most challenging circumstance, you must immediately head off to the towns to start teaching English as a 2nd language. Preferably, let me guarantee you that individuals in the towns would never ever have heard of English. You got to stroll the additional mile to make them understand “Hello” and “Thank you” in English.

The chance for your success as an EFL Teacher is next to absolutely no. At least that is what the signs are with previous experiences of numerous English Teachers counting. That leaves you with the next best option– visit the major cities. The major cities in Korea have a decent size of foreigners and for this reason you would have the ability to make sense in either cases to them.

The major cities of Korea likewise have a largely active labor force like the trainees and the working. Your efforts of teaching English in Korea would be more worthwhile if you go to the major cities of Korea.

Korea is known to be among the most Xenophobic countries on the planet. The appeal of English is not as prevalent as you would discover in a China or in a Japan. That stated, there has actually been a boost in ESL Teaching jobs in Korea. If you are looking for the supreme challenging Job as a teacher of English as a foreign language, you must avoid straight to any significant city in Korea. If you are skilled and more notably, if you are hardworking, you would get due rewards in due course of time.”

One on hand, Korea boasts of cities like Seoul and Pusan, whereas on the other hand you would note towns like Taedon etc. The significant cities in Korea have a decent size of foreigners and for this reason you would be able to make sense either ways to them.

The significant cities of Korea likewise have a mainly active labor force like the trainees and the working. Your efforts of mentor English in Korea would be more fruitful if you go to the major cities of Korea.

If you are looking for the supreme difficult Job as a teacher of English as a foreign language, you should head off straight to any significant city in Korea.

If you are looking for teaching jobs in Hong Kong, then be sure to check out Monkey Tree Hong Kong. They have over 48 English Learning Centres, 5 in China and 1 in Macau.

When Educating English as a 2nd Language to Youngsters

When educating English as a 2nd language to youngsters, there are several things to bear in mind. It would be best to teach the children the significance of learning English, you will have to keep the process interactive, give the kids time to talk to each other in English, and provide quite a lot of comments.

When educating ESL, additionally keep in mind that to imagine the backgrounds of the students. One of the crucial first actual steps in teaching ESL is to inspire the youngsters to be told English through educating them how important it’s to know English. Mention that it is the so much extensively spoken language on the planet and inform them that it is the language that they are going to end up using in their occupation.

Educating students the importance of being fluent in English will allow them to apply themselves in the entire classes that comply with. Next, you’ll need to understand that to stay the process of educating ESL interactive. Those are children that you simply’re educating; they prefer to have fun. Don’t be afraid to make a recreation out of training English. For example, you must ask the students to get in pairs and spot who can rattle off probably the most English phrases in 3 mins. Differently to inspire interaction is by means of asking questions.

It’s good to even provide the kids prizes in the event that they answer a undeniable choice of questions as it should be. Preserving the process of finding out English interactive is vital because, when the process is interactive, youngsters are more engaged. With engagement comes finding out. Providing the scholars time to speak to one another in English is an important. This is how they increase the ability to have a talk in English. Furthermore, they may be able to right kind one another all through the conversations (which contributes to studying). Another advantage of having the scholars speak in English is that they get to apply what they’ve learned in a realistic environment.

In real lifestyles, the students received’t be list off vocabulary words. They will be having conversations. It is very important provide various feedback to the children. That is any other key to finding out English. With out feedback, they are going to now not recognize which areas they want to beef up upon, or which spaces they are doing well in. Comments can also be supplied on numerous different areas: grammar, syntax, diction, and so on. Be sure that the feedback is complete, and just be sure you frame issues in a favorable mild. You wouldn’t want to discourage a pupil.

Remaining but no longer least, it’s vital to think about the linguistic and cultural backgrounds of the kids. Instructing Chinese scholars English will also be tricky because Chinese is such a lot other from English; on the other hand, you can nonetheless draw commonalities among the 2 languages. For children, you may do this at an excessively fundamental degree. For instance, if there are five letters in a single particular English phrase, and five characters or symbols in the corresponding Chinese language word, you then must explain to students how they are able to use this reality to keep in mind that the word.

The usage of the aforementioned strategies should be sure that ESL educating is carried out more successfully, but keep in mind that each child is different. A few have their very own distinctive studying taste, and you have to bear in mind how your students be informed very best so as to teach more effectively.

Teaching English to kids is fun especially working abroad. Explore this option if experiencing a new culture and making money is both in your interest. Monkey Tree Hong Kong has provided resources on how Monkey Tree Teachers adapts to teaching in Hong Kong.

Local English speaking primary students compared to their non-English counterparts

The contemporary record for the Department for Education reveals a lot of attention-grabbing information about the performance of local English speaking primary students compared to their non-English counterparts. Youngsters who had to learn English as a 2d language confirmed dramatic variations in improvement on the primary faculty degree. Checks all in favour of English language punctuation and grammar, as well as mathematics. Comparatively, native English speaking students in fact regressed compared to the ESL scholars. The question is what message this is finishing to oldsters about their kids and their work ethic.

There is also cause for alarm, however now not necessarily for the explanations repeatedly associated with students’ subpar efficiency. One factor is that English is the 3rd such a lot recurrently spoken language in the world (Chinese language and Spanish are ahead of it) and there are more than 500 million individuals who talk English as a 2nd language.

Non-native speakers have enough motivation to be informed formal English to evolve to the culture. A lot of the learning scholars do in the 21st century is thru video and audio media, so the problems of the place to place a comma or semi-colon have little importance to them in the true international. The test ratings also discovered a subpar performance in the area of mathematics. Arithmetic is a language unto itself, and the trials of learning math are something non-native English audio system are accustomed to as they have to learn English as neatly. Cultural influences play a significant role, as the observe signifies that the academic possibilities commonly to be had to English scholars are unknown to international scholars. The importance of labor ethic cannot be underestimated within the test effects. Yet it can be argued that the reason for subpar efficiency is that English scholars are having a look beyond the instant and assessing the significance of English or math abilities at their long term process.

For plenty of, computerization and automation are what is going to define their process, and the English language is noticed which will be in contact slightly than one thing to become correct in using. It’s more vital to grasp that a semicolon must be placed on the line of a cryptic pc language somewhat than the 20 laws of the place a semicolon is placed in a paragraph since the line of computer code interprets right into a paying wage. A couple of result of the take a look at are both fascinating and puzzling. One is that students born in the summer months tend to underachieve on the primary faculty stage. This can be hooked up to the perceived declining paintings ethic of scholars in this staff. Every other truth is that at the same time as women outperformed boys overall, they’re a ways behind the men within the area of mathematics.

What makes this perplexing is that the total efficiency hole by the ladies increased via one share point (fifty six to fifty seven) in comparison to a year in the past, but they nonetheless fell behind the men mathematically. What the take a look at appears to suggest is that there are a mix of cultural and innate elements that account for the performance of number one students in all groups. When it comes to language there is a greater motivational issue for non-native audio system with the intention to assimilate to their new tradition. On the same time, if they have been born all the way through the summer months, that motivation appears to be slightly diluted in line with the take a look at.

How students learn should be factored in as the entire finding out tradition has changed. Measurements of technical facets of the English language won’t accurately mirror the genuine competency within the language, however are a need for ESL number one scholars with the intention to read the desired texts. Evaluating the two groups could also be making an attempt to reflect a problem that in fact does no longer exist.

Why is it important for kids to be bilingual and learn English

English is globally accepted as a language of communication and even business transactions. Almost all webpages are written in English. This is enough cue on how important English as a language is in our daily lives. You can’t miss an opportunity to learn English. It is the most common way to get along with the rest of the world.

A Ted talk explaining how to learn any language in 6 months!

Most people are not native English speakers, they learnt it as a second language. Various individuals or groups have different reasons for learning English as their second language, which include but not limited to the following:

  • For effective communication with people from various walks of life.
  • For competitive employment opportunities
  • As a requirement to win the Green Card lottery
  • Knowing English opens up countries like Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands together with their cultures up to you
  • English is the language of Science
  • It is based on alphabets thus easy to learn compared to others like Chinese
  • It is widely used in the film industry. Knowing it makes you not rely on the subtitles

Whatever your reasons they are valid and at the end of the day you should be able to communicate that is;


The following are detailed tricks and tips that you can easily rely on and start communicating in English. When in doubt and in need to get back on track you can always refer back to the well-structured ‘cook-book’ (independent) strategies:

Positive Attitude

Attitude is the core of getting English into your head. Think it is easy to learn and it will be so. The opposite is true.
The power of positive attitude can enormously crash all the barriers there are to learning English. In addition, it helps you cope up with the daily errands of life giving you peace of mind and allowing smooth learning process. Adopting positive attitude as your way of life brings noticeable changes in your vocabularies and knowledge of the language.

Positive attitude allows serenity and get the benefits of the following making it even easier
to learn English;

Positive thoughts
Productive thinking
Artistic thinking
Motivation towards accomplishing tasks

Employ right mindset

Before you begin to learn make sure you are in the right mindset. A mindset that will allow you get the most out of the learning. Reevaluate your mindset now and then to assure yourself that you are very ready to get the new language into your head.
Create an experience that covers all the human senses, that is audio, visual, smell, touch and taste. Incorporating all the senses fortifies the acquired information by putting it in the long term memory. This way you will find yourself using English as your thinking language, a language you are learning to use, thanks to the right mindset and incorporating all the senses.

Apply Instructions from Classroom outside the Classroom Setting

A famous person once said that education is what remains after finishing school. The same applies here. Applying what you learnt in the class in various contexts is the true intention of learning. The initial intention of attending lessons is to use the information gained outside the class correctly. Understand then get understood in return. Use the knowledge got everywhere you go.

Learn the precepts of acquiring second Language

First, get rid of all the myths and misconceptions of second language acquisition. They literally bar one from effectively learning the intended language. Some of these misconceptions include:

you need a vast vocabulary to learn the language
one needs to speak like the natives

These have mislead many learners forcing others to give up on the way. Because of the misconceptions many students have focused on learning new words and looking dismissing the basics. This makes it hard to communicate for they lack the basic skills to utilize the vast vocabulary.
Also, they try to copy the native speakers. Many students struggle to speak like Americans or Britons. At the end they find out that it is almost impossible to speak like the natives. They need to understand that the natives were born speaking the language and then are studying it while adults. However, they can solely focus on the basic rules overlooking how they pronounce the words, as long as they are understood.

Take advantage of the available technology

The internet provides a sea of information on your subject of interest. Take full advantage of it. Subscribe to newsletters on how to effectively learn English. Download as many audio books as you can. Join communities tackling the same subject as you.

Audio Books
These are set of books with both written words and the reading all put together.


has good easy to understand interpretive read
has the privilege of critical listening
teach on pronunciation and humor in the book
Recaptures the sensation of listening to stories.

Make sure to fully utilize the vast information on the internet and take advantage of the various forms the information comes in.

Be a regular learner and set realistic goals

Be a lifelong learner. Because English is foreign to you, it requires attention. You need to be studying it on a daily basis to familiarize your memory with it more often. This will ensure permanent retention. The more you study the more you remember and the more the information becomes permanent and in addition the more likely you use the studied information.
Be true to yourself by setting achievable goals. Setting realistic goals give you the motivation you need to be studying daily till the information sticks. Unrealistic goals will demotivate you from studied more at the end making you dismiss your morale to study this new language that you once thought was interesting.
Being real and setting achievable goals will make the learning process easier and fun making the student look forward to learning daily. As a newbie in the English language draft a realistic plan and how to execute the plan.

Come up with ideas to use when alone and when with your fellow learners

Be creative enough to know what materials you can easily recall when alone and when in a group of your fellow learners, this ensures that you are all the time in progress with the learning of English whether alone or with colleagues.

Learn English at a young age

It is vitally important to allow or give the opportunity for the child to be exposed and learn the language at a young age. Between age 3 – 6 is the crucial age where kids brain is like a sponge.
As seen above English is important and learning is a lifetime investment. The following are some other strategies also used by Monkey Tree English Learning Center that you can easily use to facilitate proper learning:

Set up English conversation opportunities with teachers and peers
Provide opportunities for kids to practice what they learn

Kids have very short attention span and so lessons should be conducted in a fun and interactive learning environment to help kids develop interest in the language. Once they have an adequate interest, the will be internally motivated to learn. Monkey Tree conduct English lessons in a fun and interactive environment and has also provided free sample English phonics workbooks which can be downloaded via

Those who are interested can also view their course brochures posted on pinterest.

3M – Motivation, Mastering, Maintaining

The 3M- In sports and/or in life, there is a set rule with learning a new skill. There must be a reason to learn a new skill, in turn it will ignite the inner fire of oneself, motivating oneself to learn the new skill. It then leads to a mastering phase and into the maintenance phase. Every skill learned/acquired must go through this phase and it is only going through the completion of the 3M phase then the skill is considered mastered.


  1. Identify the skill you want to learn
    1. Say “I want to learn basketball”
  2. Find the one particular skill you want to focus on first
    1. Say you picked “dribbling”
  3. Watch a few videos to see how to dribble a ball
    1. This is to give yourself a reference point
  4. Test your skill and see where  you are at
  5. Break down the dribbling skill to its simplest form
    1. Say if you haven’t dribbled before…
      1. 1st phase – bounce the ball 5 – 10 times (dominant hand – maybe just flapping the hand) to get an idea
      2. 2nd phase – remove the ball and learn the arm motion of bouncing a ball (flexing the arm)
      3. 3rd phase – add the ball back and do adjustment on (trials – bounces)
    2. This is the simplest form of breaking down a skill and obviously there are more to skill deconstruction and depending on skills and the circumstances of the situation.

The one thing should take note on is…

  1. breaking down a skill requires a thorough analysis of a situation. If the break down is not good, it will affect the learning experience.

In the above video, Tim Ferriss demonstrates how to master a skill by deconstructing it. This is one of the most fundamental and yet most effective way to learn and master a skill.

Josh Kaufman reveals a new approach for acquiring new skills quickly with just a small amount of practice each day.

Josh Kaufman’s The first 20 hour rule – how to learn anything in 20 hours. A great video on learning a new skill.