Getting a China Visa for work

The short reply to can I secure a Chinese visa Hong Kong is yes, one can. The Chinese Government seems to have sowed some seeds of confusion with its own banning of Chinese visa issuing in Hong Kong for those who however Hong Kong residents. Instead, you are likely to apply for a German visa from the Chinese embassy in your house country, However, while this remains the official rule, then you will always have the ability to contact a tourist visa for China in Hong Kong.

You can acquire double and single entry Chinese visas in Hong Kong. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Hong Kong will just issue visas to Hong Kong residents, and while most folks find that they are ready to break up this rule they are able to make life difficult using paper work. Somewhat cheaper, but much simpler is using a local excursion broker – especially, the quasi-government – conduct Yazhou Travel. You wo not be in a position to make an application for some multi-entry visa at hongkong until you’re a permanent Hong Kong resident. For many lenders, it is now increasingly important that you have your hong-kong arrival form issued in hongkong immigration,

Remember, in the event that you only need a glance at China, a few nationalities can get an immediately Shenzhen Visa special for this city on the Hong Kong edge. It’s valid for five days, although it features a range of restrictions.

The advice on this page would be valid for nationals of the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Canada and the European Union.

UPDATED JUNE 16 – Visitors are suggested to use tour agencies such as Yazhou Travel because of continuing complexities in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Tour agencies are now ready to question business visas to people that have an invitation from a company in China.

UPDATED JUNE 1-5 – The consular office is simply issuing visas to those who are visiting China for your very first or second time.

You may want your Hong Kong immigration slip issued arrival in Hong Kong. Yazhou Travel Services Limited continues to be processing all applicants.

UPDATED June 14 – No significant updates

UPDATED JUNE 1-3 – Filipino and Indian citizens have been reporting they can more acquire a Shenzhen visa at the border.

UPDATED JUNE 1-2 – Japanese and Singapore citizens are now able to access China visa-free.

UPDATED JUNE 1-1 – No important upgrades

UPDATED JUNE 10 – The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs still states on its web site which burglars are ‘advised’ to submit an application for Chinese visas within their home states. The Ministry is issuing single and double entry lenders without a extra charge or inconvenience. The advice has likely been left on the website in case the Chinese government should suddenly discontinue issuing visas yet more (as with the Olympics). To repeat, there’s no problem obtaining a single or double entry visa in Hong Kong from the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

UPDATED JUNE 09 – hong kong has introduced the Guangdong Group Visa, allowing classes of three to visit the Guangdong Province to get up to six weeks. A number of restrictions apply.

Where Can I Get a Chinese Visa in Hong Kong?
The primary issuing bodies at Hong Kong would be the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a government body, and Yazhou Travel Service Limited, also a quasi-state travel agent.

The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs offers cheaper prices but Yazhou Travel Service Limited offers full service, walking you through what’s needed detail by detail. As of 20-16, non-Hong Kong residents have been advised to work with a tour bureau.

How much Does A Chinese Visa at hongkong Cost?
Prices rely on both the nationality and the speed you require. Take a look at our full How much Does a Chinese Visa Price in hongkong article to get a blow by blow account of the prices.

How about urgent applications?

Yazhou Travel Service Limited also provides same day China visa Hong Kong if you were to apply in Hong Kong. Simply fill in the form, then the specialists will handle the rest.

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